Cook To Eat To Ride

While I’m putting together the next post I give you CTETR TV. Anyone in the Perth mtb community will recognise these two ladies ( Claire and Simone), who took out the female duo cat. in this years BC Bike Race over in Canada. Claire is continuing her travels/racing through the US and just sent through this update:
And another stage race is on… here’s what comes to mind re: today. Pisgah Mountain Bike stage race, day 1 – awesome weather. AWESOME trails. Some nice climbs. the pending cramps thankfully held off. And even though the last descent felt like someone had ripped off both my legs and started smashing my forearms and triceps with them… I ended up coming in 3rd. yay!”
Awesome work to both!
And being that it’s lunch time and I’m Lee Marvin, I might go get me some peppers n ‘sparagus. Without further ado Cook To Eat To Ride TV. Bon appetit.

YouTube Preview Image
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