Lezyne Firebreak

It’s been a while since I have used a hydrapak, but since I have been riding my Mach 4 which, on a medium frame only really allows for one 500ml bidon and also due to the increasing amount of enduro events, I have finally invested in a Lezyne Firebreak 2L pack. I did so a little reluctantly because in general I don’t like things bouncing around while a ride not to mention the accompanied rattle of Co2 cartridges, muti-tools, keys etc.
I went for this pack for while it is super small it still carries 2L which for me is plenty. Lezyne as always have specific pockets for various tools making this the quietest pack I have ever used. Enough room for phone, wallet, keys and the need repair essentials to get you home if you have a mechanical.
The bladder uses an entire width zip lock system to fill then seal up reducing the chance of spillage…just make sure the zip lock is fully closed.
At first I was not impressed with the valve/hose system, I struggled to take water in and the nozzle seemed to slip through the loop on chest strap. However after some fiddling over a few rides I came to find that if I used a rubber band (something supple as as opposed to a zipp-tie) around the loop, the nozzle stayed in place near my chest. I also discovered that a combination of my build had how tight I had adjusted the should straps was causing the hose to kink when I lifted the nozzle to my mouth. Simply disengaging the plastic shoulder strap hose guide solved that problem without making the hose flop around…..Water intake is no longer an issue.
So all in all this pack is pretty damn good. I’m sure it will get a good work out over summer. It comes in stealthy easy to keep clean black with minimal badging.

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