Wednesday Night Ride

On any given week day, especially Wednesdays, you can witness the nightly migration of the hairier, baggy shorted variety of MAMIL (Middle Aged Men In Lycra),  know as MAMILFs (Middle Aged Men In Local Forests…….sorry best I could do!).
They congregate in small packs along the frontier of their protected habitat known as the Kalamunda Circuit to get their weekly dose of bro love. A special time where these men can grunt, groan, swear, spit, fart, laugh and get generally filthy. And for a few hours you feel like you’re 16 again.
Last night was no exception.
The trails were perfect.
The rain has made them super grippy and there is a new(ish) trail to take full advantage of. DEC approved and part of the Kalamunda circuit, this trail runs from the top of the old Gungin decent to the Dell before you get to the power lines. Very fast, sweeping bermed corners, lots of rollers and small doubles. Very well built! There are probably 10 names already for this trail but I’m calling it Mercury St.
Be careful though. I’m not sure if this trail is directional (yet) but going up it is dodgy as people will be coming down fast and there are a couple of blind corners. Better to find another way up (the Munda Biddi) and let those coming down have an uninterrupted run.

Getting ready to go.

Dinner Stop


Start of Mercury St.


The jump was thiiiiis biiiiiig!! or was that when we starting praying to our pagan gods?
Wednesday night fun!

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