In The Name Of Awesomeness. An ‘Oica From Across The Pond.

It seems that we of THE BAYSOICA are not alone in the undertaking of epically awesome rides. Our old pal Mike Cobb who has recently relocated to Scotlandshire (Englands most northerly shire)(dems be fight’n words!) has also been doing some bigguns in his own right and was good enough to send us a few pics along with a tale of heroic undertakings.

We salute you Cobby and so his ‘Oica begins………

The ride started out as an autumnal jaunt in the countryside with a plan to head across the Moorfoot Hills to Innerleithen, before heading back up to Peebles and West Linton, returning to Edinburgh via the Moor Road. About a 95km loop.

Heading out of Edinburgh, into the wind, on Sustrans Cycle Route No1 near Upper Dalhousie.

Beginning the climb up Wull Muir, Moorfoot Hills, sheltered from the strong SW’erly.

Those turbines were spinning fast! Heading into the wind across the top of the Moorfoot Hills.
Stay on that side of the road you little wooly bugger! By this time we’d missed the intended turn at Traquir to run parallel to the River Tweed back to Peebles. Descending alongside Mountbenger Burn……….are those duelling banjos in the air?
Stunning autumn weather – looking north along St Mary’s Loch form near Crosscleuch
Enjoying some autumnal sun……..heading back to pick up the road to the Megget and Talla Reservoirs at Cappercleuch after having got some directions from a couple of picnickers. We’d long cycled off the map by now and trying to plan a route using the Garmin’s screen this far out in the middle of the countryside is damn near impossible!

Looking across to the Megget Water valley….still got an apple in your pocket Robert?

Yarp……heading deep into the countryside now.
We were well and truly off course by this stage but didn’t care, the weather and scenery kept getting better and better….climbing up Meggethead
Looking back down Meggethead – stunning.
Highest point of the ride, 550m followed by the 20% descent to Talla Linfoots and the Talla Reservoir.
The photos end here but the story doesn’t. We stopped in Broughton to refill water bottles at 3pm.
Robert: “We should probably head straight back now as I’m teaching at 5pm”.
Michael: “We’d better TT it then…..we should have a tailwind to help us…..”
So we finished off with a 40km two-up TT from Broughton back to Edinburgh…….didn’t have time to get the camera out.
We never did find that tailwind though.
Words and photos by Michael Cobb.
And with that we encourage anyone else who has a tale of long blissful days in the saddle on unknown roads along with a couple of pics to send them in and I’ll post it up here. With the end result being a blog of worldwide ‘Oica’ rides to inspire!


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