Thank God It’s Friday so bring the noise!

Another week has flowed by the tidal surge that is Cycles Bespoke and I couldn’t lock the doors and crack open a coldie without leaving you with a bit of tom-foolery to send you on your way towards a debauched weekend of reckless abandon.
Coffee and cycling have a cuddly relationship (visa vie the Milkd cafe review) and so does music. “What the hell does it have to do with cycling you ask?”.
I’ll set the scene. It’s Sunday morning, house cleaning is done, the sun is out, you’re tonking along and feeling good, you crank your Pod-of-i to volume setting 11 knowing your favourite song is about to come on.
The adrenalin starts pumping and your legs are fresh as daisies. You have a tailwind as you hit Mounts Bay Road and there isn’t a car in sight. You wind up to…cough cough….55kms an hour….aaahhhh bike riding!
If cycling was a rock band it would be muscle tops, happy pants, mullets and speed metal with a little Chuck D thrown in for seasoning. Bring the Noise!

YouTube Preview Image

And now that I have got that out of my system, it’s 6:30pm and the regulars are rolling through for spare tubes, lube, their fix of Torq gels and a tweek or two while Jonesy is still on the tools (beer in hand mind you) I will leave you with a pro cycling team that we would do well to model ourselves on. (I say that very tongue in cheek). Warning contains flowery language that may offend.

Have a good weekend folks! Ride Safe.


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