Cannondale EVO-2 Review

Iain recently came to us looking for a new bike and walked out with a brand-spanking-new EVO. This is what he had to say about it….

Cannondale EVO-2:
I recently stumbled out of university and into employment. Obviously I am a keen rider and have been known to dabble in A grade races with very mild sucess. Although, B grade usually leaves my cardiovascular system inside my chest to a somewhat greater extent.
So, with my new found income I decided to buy a new bike, and from what other riders told me, carbon superbikes really were tha shit. After trawling through many reviews, and websites, and putting many bikes in the “too expensive” and “too not-what-a-bicycle-should-look-like” baskets I decided to buy an EVO. I now have a black and white EVO-2, with SRAM Red and Mavic Ksyrium elites, and the Cannondale Hollowgram crankset. FYI, before this, I was riding a Bianchi EV3 with SRAM Red, and Mavic Cosmic Elites.
In terms of looks, The EVO takes a pretty classic (classy?) approach. Despite this, in real life, it looks like a total weapon. The hollow crankset deserves a special mention here, coz it totally pimped my ride. Seriously, it looks great. I think its better in terms of performance (difficult to tell when so much else is new), but it looks so schaweeet!
If you read any Cannondale ads, you might have heard how light it is, and it’s true, I have not weighed my EVO, but even with pedals and the relatively heavy Ksyriums I can’t see it making the UCI 6.8kg weight limit. In my opinion though, ride quality matters most, and this bike is totally stupid to ride.
Firstly, it is so stiff. I certainly do not have the wattage to flex it. Frankly, getting out of the saddle and wrenching the shit out of it, I feel like one of those birds which sits on an elephant on the savanah. The elephant knows I’m there, but I’m just not bothering it at all. Secondly, the EVO is so comfortable. The bike absolutely floats over the road, drowning out a massive amount of road noise, and after 4-5 hours in the saddle I really noticed how much fresher I felt. This combination of stiffness and comfort, in my opinion, combine so that you get a great feeling when accelerating, its a really awesome feeling of smooth speed. The handling on the EVO is also absolutely brilliant, its a superb balance between responsiveness and stability. Coming from a rowing background I often struggle with corners, but I have found a huge amount of confidence riding the EVO. Thowing the EVO into a corner at speed is simply the most fun I have had, possibly ever.
While I can’t compare this bike to other top-of-the-line race machines, as I haven’t ridden them, the SuperSix EVO is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. Probably the reason I find it so good is just that I 100%, love to ride it, it feels great going up, down, and side to side, racing super fast for 45 minutes, or cruising around for 4 hours.  I really can’t think of a kind of cyclist who this bicycle would not suit.
Finally, buy your bike from Cycles Bespoke. The service, and servicing here is totally mint! I may be preaching to the chior, but I think Chris and Angus have done an amazing job with this shop, if you haven’t been there you should at least give it a try.
Cheers Iain.
Your making us blush Iain! ….And no money was exchanged during this review!
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