Matt Radich’s Wheel Review Of Jonesy Handbuilt Wheels

Matt Radich has been good enough to put a few words together about is handbuilt Jonesy specials! Check out his bike over in the Gallery.

After the guys at Bespoke got me rolling on a nice steel DeKerf it was time to get some new wheels to do the frame justice. After many hours internet research and dreaming of what wheels to buy, I eventually decided to go handbuilt. With a few months riding on the new hoops I’m convinced I made the right decision.

So after I told Jonesy what I wanted and him telling me what I needed, we compromised and came up with a great all round wheelset.

The specs – White Industries H2/H3 Hubs, Velocity A23 Rims, 24 DT Swiss Revolution spokes on the front wheel laced radial and 28 spokes on the rear with DT Swiss Revolutions non drive side and DT Swiss Competitions on the drive side all laced 2 cross.

So how do they ride? In a word. Great. The White Industries Hubs roll very smooth and seem to be getting better day by day. The 23mm wide A23 rims are another highlight; they give a very nice round profile to a 23mm clincher which really has made a noticeable difference in comfort and grip around the corners. They also allow you to run quite low tyre pressures to improve the ride when the road gets rough. I’ve run them as low as 75 psi on the back roads of Chittering Valley without them feeling at all sluggish but reducing road buzz coming through the bike markedly. I’ve recently managed to get into the hills on the wheels and they don’t seem to give up much in the climbing department either. Jonesy’s decision to go for heavier spokes on the rear drive side comes into play here, keeping the rear wheel nice and stiff for those out of saddle efforts.

But the big factor in the handbuilt wheel must be the build quality and Jonesy has done a great job of putting these together. They ran beautifully true when I got them and never made a sound, apart from that wonderful whir from the rear hub when freewheeling. Three months later and they are running just as true as the first day I fitted them and I can’t see that changing for sometime.

So for roughly the same cost as a set of mid range aluminium clinchers from any of the big manufacturers why not consider a set of handbuilt wheels that will suit your needs perfectly and be a much better long term investment.

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