Trans Andes Challenge

Courtesy of Brian Vernor an amazing photographer and filmmaker.

“This film is a celebration of the landscape of mountain bike racing during a week-long mountain bike stage race in Patagonia, Chile. Following an international team, Jamis Bicycles, the film documents the life of professional racers as they explore the people, food and countryside of Chile, train in the
mountains of the Patagonia region, and ultimately compete in the grueling competition known as Trans Andes Challenge.

The Trans Andes Challenge is one of the premier international mountain bike stage races, with participants
representing some 20 + countries. Two-person and solo teams compete over the course of a week and the best over-all time wins. Participants share meals and live in a roaming camp as the race progresses across 250 miles.”

Produced by Jason Sager
Directed by Brian Vernor
Featuring Blake Harlan, Ben Sonntag, Jason Sager, Mary McConneloug, and Mike Broderick

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