And all of a sudden it was February!

With a snap, crackle, pop it was Feb and we are well and truly into the year it all ends (according to the Mayan calendar and awful Hollywood films). That being said why wouldn’t you treat yourself to a very reasonably priced, yet still expensive, high end bike so you would at least know the feeling before the world cracks open, the fires rage forth and the asteroids smash into the little rock we call home and obliterate us all? Why wouldn’t you eh?
A slightly different take at a sales pitch there, I feel dirty all the same….
On a lighter note, Happy New Year loyal followers! May prosperity and riches befall you in the this year or our lord 2012. And what a manic start to the year it’s been!
Posting has been a little on the light side due to some computer issues but hopefully we will be back up to speed.

Now on to shop biz. There has been a pleasing flow of very nice bikes, parts and general bit n bobs coming and going through the shop at the moment including the uber stealth Parlee Z5 SL Ltd.

The new for 2012 Pivot 5.7 Carbon.

Pivots 2012 Mach 429.

White Industries and ENVE parts.

Globe bikes are the shizzle oh and did I mention ENVE?

Picking up a carton of beer from the Baysie drive-through has never been more fun!!

We have also taken the plunge and just took delivery of our first pair of HED wheels. Stinger-4 Carbon Tubs.

Christoph creating dreams.

An enterprising local Oliver brought us in his own creations…Pedal straps with a clever design to keep the straps separated. The first 3 to respond get a pair and can be our test pilots as long as you provide us a review.

Our beloved floor.


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