Coopers Pale Review

Our pagan god, our silent mistress, our confidante in times of woe, our joyous friend that always listens.
Well this has been a long time coming…..a beer review. I thought about getting fancy and finding an obscure ale fermented in dwarf spittle but how could we neglect our old favourite, we may not be many things but we are brand loyal.

Coopers Pale Ale has been the life blood of Bar Bespoke since the dawn of time, it’s only fitting that our first beer review goes to them.

Coopers packaging is simple without being plain, their circular target is colour coded, red for Turbo Reds, mustard for Sparkling and green for Pale. They come in brown bottles which serve a purpose to prevent the beer from being ‘skunked’.
Clear and green bottles offer beer very little protection but brown bottles do by filtering light and ultraviolet rays that react with the hops and sulphur used in the fermentation process to form a chemical almost identical in smell and composition to Skunk spray….not how you want your beer to smell.

Coopers Pale is fermented using the ‘Burton-upon-Trent’ method. By adding sulphate, often in the form of gypsum, to the water used in the brewing process the hops flavour is accented. This was discovered when Sam Allsopp of Burton-upon-Trent produced a popular pale ale noted for its crisp, clean, bitter flavour in the early 1800’s. When the local water was analysed it was found to be sulphate rich a method known as Burtonisation or the Burton Snatch.
Coopers goes further to add a secondary fermentation giving its trademark sediment that requires the drinker to roll or turn the bottle to cloud the beer.

But how does it taste you ask? Like a thousand tiny angels dancing on my tongue is all I can respond. Best served cold, Coopers has a smooth, refreshing, almost fruity taste. It does not have an overpowering after taste but rather a crisp snap that ends with the last gulp. I would not say Coopers is a summer beer (like Corona is marketed) but instead is a beer for all seasons. It doesn’t excel with any particular meal but goes well with all be it fish, fowl, meat or salad, a coopers beer batter or maybe one of these recipes.

Coopers is like one of those friends that require no ‘3 hour getting to know you again sessions’ it just picks up where you left off. And when the dregs of the last bottle are slurped it’s a sad moment where you stop to reminisce of good times past.

Coopers we salute you.


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