What’s going down in Baysie-Town.

Howdy folks! Your friendly LBS here, that’s Local Bike Shop to the uninitiated in the parlance of our times. Well as per usual we be a movin’ anda shakin’ and summer in general is turning out to be a cracker!
One of the joys of Cycles Be-awesome is the day to day blingage that comes through, and I don’t just mean bikes we sell but in general. Chris Bishop came by with his new Llewellyn for a tune up…Lovely looking rig!

Along with some old favourites like Jonesy’s old Liquigas race bike now gone to greener pastures.

The Creux Clothing dudes are sitting pretty on our shelves. Gotta say their shirts are super comfortable and their shorts are the business!

Being a vain man I have to openly admit to prancing around the shop with a Catlike Whisper on me noggin and gazing longingly at myself in the mirror because they just look so damn good! Been waiting years for these! Although I am mighty impressed by our new Bell helmets. The Volt is my pick…..We are getting a few Giros in too!

A new development at Cycles Bespoke is we are 1 of 2 shops in Perth to be inducted into the bourgeois class of SRAM Ambassadors. What this means to you is we are fully trained and tech’d up on all things SRAM from servicing to sales. What it means to us is dapper jackets with stars on the shoulders and ribbons on the breast pocket a sign of our Ambassador status at groupset functions and the annual SRAM/Shimano/Campag ball.

Did someone say Campag….we got that too!

My last reference (for this post) to fancy bike stuff we sell is our rather impressive array of finishing kits. While not the most expensive the new 3T Team Stealth issue is mintox! *Note the number of shiny bit in the background…I don’t think we have ever had this many Chris King headsets in stock since we opened!

Last but not least the 4 day pain-fest or festival of lycra that is the Perth Crit Series is over for another year. Massive props to all those who took part especially our boys Carlos, Iain, Matt (and myself) also Team Delta who had us back and centre on their jerseys. Their man Craig Cook, brother of Olympic Road Champ Nicole rolled in second overall in the support race category.
I wish i had more fotos but unfortunately I spent the majority of the time gnawing my handlebar while on the bike or trying to re-insert my lungs into my chest cavity while draining the blood from my eyeballs. For anyone looking for some good action snaps check out Tony Lendrum photography on the Book of Faces.
What fotos I did capture were to be used as incriminating evidence but stuff it, I’ll post em now. It can be revealed the real reason we signed up for the crits was the free massage at the end.

And one of Team Delta watching on for good measure.

Adios muchachos.



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