Battle of the Groupos

In a quick postscript to the last episode Chris Hunt managed to achieve his goal of 400km starting at 1am on saturday morning and finishing at 6pm on saturday evening! hard as frickin nails Hunty!!

It’s hard to keep up with the amount of goodness that comes through the doors here at Cycles BeBombastic so I’ll try and keep it simple.

We have been fortunate enough to see the latest and greatest from the 3 big groupset manufacturers Di2, SRAM Red and Campag EPS. Of the two electronic systems I think Campag has the finish but Shimano has the form. In terms of functionality from the little play I had, they are similar to their cabled sibings, Shimano light and silky smooth while Campag is a much more physical ‘click’ to shift.
SRAM on the other hand has improved,refined, evolved it’s already great groupset with much needed improvements to front derraileur shifting, stiffer crankset and single pivot braking.

Once more some nice customer rigs coming through including Matt Millers ‘Nago which got a new SRAM Red facelift…

Plus John Wyatt’s Cannondale SuperSix Di2 Ultegra with Hollowgram crankset upgrade…

Paul Aubrey’s Belgium inspired Jonesman…

and not to mention (if you haven’t seen the gallery page) Jonsey’s Dekerf.


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