The 650b Peace Process, Concept Bikes and Bling Wheels

Just another day at the office, creating dreams, kicking ass and breaking new ground. Chris has had his mad scientist cap on again and tickering around with building up a light weight Pivot 429er courtesy of a Cannondale Lefty fork at the front end. While it’s still a work in progress, it’s coming together very nicely.

It is nearly open warfare out there on the trails at the moment between the rabid, yet loyal, 26inch crew and the pumped up giants of the trails – the 29ers. In the name of peace and harmony and the prevention of another ‘arab spring’ on the Kalamunda circuit, the industry has come up with the peace loving 650b wheels size which you could say is around 27-27.5″.
You will be seeing a lot more of these out on the trails and most manufacturers will have 650b bikes in their line-ups for 2013.

Check out BikeRumor for a good article about what is driving this “new” wheels size and also 650b Palace for a continually updated list of 650b compatable 26″ inch frames.

That being said we have done our first conversion to 650b on Paul Grahams GT Zaskar.

And some new photos of a newish favourite. Chris’s custom Dekerf just got a new set of wheels. Veocity A23’s on White Industry hubs finished of with a dollop of blue nipples and drizzle of Parts of Passion Ti skewers. Bellisimo Bravo!

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