Post Tour Catch Up.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m knackered. Number of kilometers ridden in July…..Bugger all. Number of kilometers watched on telly….3,497. ( I dozed through about 200km’s). Beer and pizza consumed while in the company of mates yelling abuse at TV …..Lots.

But we love it don’t we. July is glorious as has this winter been and along with glorious weather we have had glorious bikes lets ‘av a looksie at whats tootled through our doors…..

The Reuben’s lovely custom titanium Dekerf bikes with colour matched carbon Wound Up forks and handbuilt wheels. Taken with them on a recent trip to the USA. They came back with glowing reviews.

Next up we have Liz Sinclair’s Cannondale Evo Ultimate. I hope to have a nicer gallery of it up soon but when you have a bike this awesome it doesn’t stay in the shop for very long.

Mark Castle has been a very good customer since ‘the dawn of Bespokism’ but now his wife Jenny is in on the act. She recently took into her possession a BH Cristal. Mark had better watch out up those climbs!! BH Cristal with matching SMP saddle and custom, pink stitched, leather Dipell bartape.

I have been reminiscing about my glory days as bike messenger in dirty ole London town and have been putting together a Soma fixie with White Industries….well everything. (Note it is now together and ridden 2 twice…glorious fun but damn my legs are sore!!).

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