Soma Stanyan Class Act

These days a weekend morning ride usually ends up at a preferred cafe for the caffeinated beverage of choice, but the Soma Stanyan exudes a class that would be better suited to a quiet cognac or a single malt whisky at least 15 years old, a classic wingback leather chair, a pomade shaped hairstyle, a copy of Smith Journal all the while resting your tootsies on an antique Afghan rug.
This all seems to be a part of the steel revolution taking place at Cycles Bespoke and the Stanyan with it’s Prestige Tange Cro-mo tubing polished lugs and oh so shiny Ritchey Classic finishing kit fits the bill perfectly.

Steel is real.

The Stanyan comes resplendent is gloss black finish, polished lug-work and all the fittings for wheels-brows and racks. Classic geometry with curved raked fork, SRAM Apex for a more discerning ride, Bespoke hand built wheelset with Schwalbe Lugano rubber. What more could you want?

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