Surly Long Haul Trucker

Inspired by Caroline’s LHT we decided to get one in for the shop, that along with the steel renaissance that seems to be going on down here, it all just fit into place.
I don’t need any prodding to get on board a bike that has the word “Trucker” in it being a closet redneck myself this bike reeks of flannel, harmonica solos, bootlegging moonshine on a run down to Margs and the open road!

Coming in 700c and 26″ options for the shorter folk, they have great stability for carrying loads along with FFF technology (the best acronym in the bike biz) or Fatties Fit Fine and before you get all up in arms about being un-PC, they’re talking about tyres so if you are really heading off the beaten track and dirt roads are coming into play the Surly has you covered.

We pimped this bike out a little with leather tape and a Cardiff saddle along with some rather nice Tanaka copper bottle cages. In the pics note the nice little touches like the frame mounted spare spokes.

Anyone who purchases one of these is obliged to take part in a Smokey and the Bandit marathon to celebrate. Shop rules.

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