Giro Ionos Helmet

Giro (and in this case helmets) are one of those brands synonymous with cycling. I remember walking into bike shops when I was a wee nipper and wishing I could afford one instead of my Stackhat…which was on sale…. because it was pink…..those years were tough….but that’s for my shrink to sort out. I digress.

So anyway it was a most splendid day when we took the plunge and decided to stock Giro.
I was in need of a new knoggin’ protector and fortunately a customer had just placed an order for Giro’s flagship Ionos. He swore by the Ionos particularly for the X-Static padding that with the help of microbial properties (tiny sweat eating Jabawokies) and there washability, reduce stinky helmet syndrome.
The seller for me was the fit. In most helmets I sit right between a medium and large and thus they look a little too big or a little too small. The Ionos is the first helmet I have tried that a medium fits fine with room to tighten the Roc-Loc5 fit system.
So with trembling hands I made the call to Sheppards (importer) and placed the order for a conveniently shop coloured new lid.
On it’s arrival I tore the box open like the rabid beast that I am and bathed on the glory of a matte finished black, red and white Ionis. My immediate reactions on placing it on my head were “my how handsome I look” and “damn it’s light”. Significantly lighter than my previous lid due to the design and 21 large vents, I definitely find it more comfortable/cooler especially in warmer temps.
The RocLoc5 sytem is easy to use on the fly. The dial allows even adjustment with one hand rather than 2 ratchets on each side that can result in lopsided tension. The dial tightens in very small increments to allow for precise fit.
A nice touch the Ionis also comes with a mesh insert to protect your head from sunburn if you are folliclely challenged.
Importantly the Giro has passed Australian standards so is race legal and from an insurance standpoint that has you covered.
Race looks and comfortable fit you can’t really go wrong. RRP $299.00


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