Soma B-Side. The 650b revolution is here…again

At Cycles Bespoke we have a firm commitment to taking it back like Spinal Tap and turning it up to 11 on the amps of kick assedness-ness…..ness.
and as we continue with the steel renaissance Jonesy put this little pearl together. The 650b specific Soma B-Side.

Prestige Tange Cromo frame with handbuilt 650b wheels, Stans rims, Dt Spokes on White Industries M16 hubs. White Industries Eno SS Cranks and serviceable White Ind. freewheel. You want to change tooth count? No probs, you don’t have to buy the whole unit, just the tooth mount which can be swapped in and out.

Thomson post and stem can never go wrong and by Odin’s beard those bars are cool! You could roll up to a Berkeley trail head with a waxed moustachio, take a smooth drag ofa da ‘erb man and on lookers would be forgiven for thinking it’s 1970.
We thought about going proper old-school with a rigid fork but couldn’t find an appropriate fit.

You will be seeing more and more of the 650b wheel-size in the years to come.

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