Focus Izalco Team Sl 4.0 Review

We have recently put one of our riders on a new Focus Izalco Team Sl 4.0  for this seasons road racing. This is his review of his new steed…..And I stress his review!!….

Normally, when the purchase of a new bike is to be made, you have an idea of what you want in your head and you go to the shop and nothing changes your mind no matter what. Well… that’s what usually happens for me.

I went in with the above plan, however my eyes were soon opened to an alternative ride by Mr Cole and Mr Jones.

One look at the new Focus Izalco Team 4 Pro SL and I was semi erect. It has great classic lines, with subtle intricacies that hint at great quality and much style, just like my fro. The subtlety of the features makes you take a second look – from the headset internal cabling, to the concave top tube (from a birds-eye POV) and stylish paint scheme which I really love – just look at it… and you will then look again.

The branding is kept minimal by clever use of colour and the orange racing stripes catch you from a distance… making you come in closer and take that longer look, of which you will then see mesh based shapes of dark grey, against a block-black background and striking orange pinstripes. I have had so many people noting to me that the paint scheme is bike porn.

I have now ridden the bike for the last 4 weeks and completed 3 races on her. I have my trusted and favoured SRAM Red all over it and yes I have upgraded the wheelset from standard along with the bars. The frame however is extremely light, nimble and stiff. Over the last few weeks I have taken a few hot dog corners, had a couple of ‘chucks’ up a few threshold hill efforts and descended at speed. I have always seemed to catch people on the descents without effort and with great stability at high speed. The bike is responsive and agile to turn at the front, alongside having the rigidity to keep the power down at the back end when accelerating. It is a shame it can’t help with the engine. Maybe the German made Focus guru’s can give me some advice on how to improve my efficiency and precision to their standard.

If bang for buck is what you are after, with more BANG than BUCK, then this bike could just be the Viagra the doctor ordered.

Bravo Monsieur Miller! I am not sure whether I feel informed, inadequate, aroused or awkward….and maybe a little of each!!



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