Lezyne Lights

The lady of the house who goes by the name Mrs Jones recently put together this little review for us on the lights she uses. You can find Lady Jones doing hill repeats on Mount St on any given day either that or tearing the legs of people on her evening commute home.
It’s that time of the year again where you have to put lights on your bike or you face the wrath of do-gooder cyclists and the terror of negotiating dark lanes… well… in the dark. the problem with bike lights is:
a) finding where you put them
b) realising that the lights you do manage to find don’t fit the brackets on your bike and
c) having to find batteries when you realise they’re flat.
I was so stoked to discover that Lezyne Micro Drive 150 lights can not only be charged directly from my laptop with clever little whizz-bang USB ports, but they don’t need brackets and just flick onto the handlebar and seat stem with thick elastic straps. They pop on and off the bike so easily and are small enough to put in my pocket, so I’ve yet to lose them (though I’m sure I’ll give it a red-hot try!), yet despite their size are surprisingly effective at doing what they are supposed to do. I have a feeling those dark lanes and do-gooder cyclists are not going to be nearly as scary this winter
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