Legend by Bertoletti

Marco Bertoletti of LEGEND has been building bikes frames for 38 years.  Since his start, he has designed and developed a series of top of the range bike frames for some of the Europe’s most famous cycle brands. This illustrious list includes top-level professionals, some current in the today’s peloton.

LEGEND by Bertoletti is an Italian designed and handmade bike frame that is pushing the boundaries of technology, in search of developing a product range with exceptional performance. With Marco Bertoletti extensive experience, he crafts the most exquisite and highest engineered frames. To do so he uses the highest quality materials.

With expert sizing and precision with the materials, the frame is adapted to your physical and athletic requirements. This gives you the performance you have dreamed about.

LEGEND’s product range has a bike for the discerning rider.

Highlights within the carbon range are the grimpeur style HT10.5 frame, the rouleur HT9.5 to the all-round cycling enthusiast of the HT5.7.

Titanium is a material that demands respect. The Queen is the jewel in LEGEND by Bertoletti’s crown, and a true work of art. The Prince is the spritely junior of the range.

When you choose a LEGEND by Bertoletti you are guaranteed a personalised made to measure frame with precision by one of the very best equipped artisan workshop in modern cycling today.

For the full range and more information, head to Marco’s website http://www.legendfactory.eu/.

For all the latest LEGEND news here in Perth, check out facebook page http://www.facebook.com/GoldsteinCycleImports or @GoldsteinCycles on Twitter. If that doesn’t take your fancy, head down to Cycles Bespoke and see them in the flesh.

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