Specialized S-Works Shiv TT

We have just built this rocketship up for a customer with Di2 Dura Ace, Quarq Powermeter and Enve SES 8/9’s on White Industries Hubs. Logos will be getting a custom paint work over, blacked out with a gloss finish.




Dekerf “Blue Steel” Custom Roadie

Yet another example of Chris Dekerf’s handiwork, this time in steel form.
Finished with Thomson post and stem and Soma Hwy One bar. Brooks Saddle and Dipell leather tape. Combined with Shimano Dura Ace this bike has a superbly classic feel.
The ultimate Sunday bike….and any other day of the eek for that matter!!

Surly Pugsley Review

Resident bushwhacker and fellow beard cultivator Gareth found the lure of the fat bike too much to resist and took the plunge headlong onto the world of Surly Pugsleys. Here is his review after a couple of months of ownership.

Surly Pugsley-1

“Oh wow, they are some big tyres!”

If hearing this slightly more than obvious statement from everyone who sees you on a fat bike sounds trying, don’t bother with one of these beasts. However, if you want to have the most fun you have had on a bike since you were doing skids and wheelies on your back pedal brake BMX with your mates after school, then read on.

I came on to a Surly Pugsley after months of agonising over which bike would be the most suitable for me for long distance off road rides. I looked at 29ers, drop barred touring bikes with fat tyres and steel framed mountain bikes. All styles had their advocates, benefits and drawbacks. For me, I needed something that was fun, robust, and capable. I didn’t want to be riding something that would be great on the bitumen, but hold me back when the going got tough.  I am, after all, a mountain biker at heart. I had never ridden a fat bike, but piecing together the wealth of information on the internet made me feel like I wouldn’t be disappointed by one. Trusting my gut, and egged on by Angus, a yellow pug was ordered.

The initial rides had me feeling pretty good about my decision. The strange looks given around the suburbs as I test rode the yellow beast only enhanced the fun that I was having. It rides like an oversized BMX, and handles well for something with a much greater mass than anything I had ridden in a while. Stable and confidence inspiring, it needed a proper test. Fortunately, the Dwellingup 100 was just around the corner. Not a bad introduction for the Pug to WA trails!

It wasn’t as fast as a standard mountain bike, but I wouldn’t have changed my bike choice for the day, I was there for  fun, not a podium.  A few of the tight corners on Turner Hill were a challenge, although the Pug seemed to be more capable than some of the flash carbon hard tails that it passed. There is something particularly satisfying about riding past someone on a race rig when you have little preparation and 4 inch tyres. I wasn’t alone on the day, with at least 5 other rider making use of Surly’s fat offerings. A few contributed to the development of the stereotype that fat bikes are for nerds with beards…

The real purpose of the bike for me was realised when I set off on a mini adventure on the Munda Biddi Trail. I would urge all West Oz riders to have a go at this masterpiece of a touring route, which saw me travel around 700km in 8 days, taking in some of the great sites of the south west. Lightly loaded, the trail was a pleasure, despite heavy rains and many fallen branches. Many of the people who I passed on the journey were complaining bitterly of the mud, but I barely noticed that as a problem. The big tyres at a low pressure provide an elegant solution to trail chatter without the need for suspension, and the stock Surly kit operated well in all circumstances. It isn’t all roses though, with some of the hills a bit of a test of patience with the added rolling resistance. The payoff though was speeds on the descents that I won’t mention for fear my Mum might stumble across this write up. Stable indeed, even with all the camping gear!

So, if I was going to buy another bike for off road camping adventures, would I choose another? Well, maybe yes now that Surly ECR has been released. It comes with the mounts that Cycles Bespoke were able to install for me, and has a deep appeal to my inner bike nerd.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves fun bikes that they give a pug a roll. It is certainly a good way to release your inner child, and ticks all the boxes for me. And for those tyre commentators? Have a chat, you might just meet someone nice!

Surly Pugsley-2

Dekerf Custom Ti. Mr Big

Can’t find a bike that fits? Never had a bike that fits? 210cm you say?
This was a once in a shop’s lifetime custom project and Chris Dekerf was happy to oblige and reported that this was the biggest frame he has ever built.
Regular communication between Dekerf’s Vancouver workshop and ourselves saw images with comments such as “The head tube of insanity. 5 hours of machining!!!”
Needless to say it was both our’s and Chris Dekerf’s pleasure to get a customer on the first bike that has ever fit him.
Beautiful and functional. Custom Ti frame with SRAM Force and Thomson finishing kit. This frame would have equated to a size 76cm frame with a 37cm head tube and a ride height well over 1000mm!
Check out some progress shots from Dekerf and our Gallery below.

2013-09-25 10.00.57


2013-09-24 15.05.19


2013-09-24 15.05.27

2013-10-21 13.20.29 2013-10-21 13.20.19

2013-10-21 13.20.06


Greg’s new custom Parlee Z3 with Di2 11spd and handbuilt Enve wheels

This bike has been a long time in coming and boy was it worth the wait. Greg had is Parlee custom fit and painted along with colour matching his Enve finishing kit. This bike ais a pure work of art.

Mark’s Surly Long Haul Trucker

Mark has been with us now in the workshop for a while and every morning he rolls in on this beast of burden.  As I’m sure you know by now I have a soft spot for the Long Haul Trucker but this one takes the cake. A true work horse.

Comes tricked out with Paul Components, Dynamo lighting, Surly Nice Racks and Brooks leather.

With a bike like this it is actually possible to bring along the kitchen sink.

Jonesy’s new custom Legend HT7.5

I guess the testament to the quality of any bike brand is whether the owner of the shop stocking them is willing to ride one themselves.
The Jonesman recently jumped on a custom Legend Ht7.5 and lets just say he has been smiling a lot post ride these days.
Check out the gallery for a look and the this carbon dark knight.

Moora – Watheroo Gravel Grinder 2013

Moora Watheroo Gravel Grinder 2013

In partnership with the Watheroo Development Association and the Watheroo Community, the Shire of Moora will play host to the Moora – Watheroo Gravel Grinder, an un-sealed road cycling event taking place between Moora and Watheroo on October 19.

The Watheroo Gravel Grind is a local initiative aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues in the region and promoting mental health and wellbeing through physical activity.

Replacing the Be Active Dirty Great Big Mountain Bike Challenge, the Watheroo Gravel Grinder will include the 13-off-100 Gravel Grind, the Be Active for Belly Laughs 57km Gravel Grind, and an 18km Grommet Grind for the juniors.

Community members, families, visitors, young and old are encouraged to take part either as an individual or as a team of four, join the pit crew volunteers, get your business involved as a sponsor or corporate team, or take on the all important task of spectator, however you choose to be involved, come and enjoy a few giggles with friends and a good feed at the gravel grinder finish line. Use a cyclo-cross bike, a throw some wider tyres on your roadie or pull out your mtb, it doesn’t matter.

The event is proudly sponsored by Wellard Group, One Life, Cunninghams, CBH Group, Cycles Bespoke, Topp Dogg Moora Sport, Water Corporation, Wheatbelt Primary Health Service, Watheroo Development Association, Healthway, Be Active, and the Shire of Moora.

A smorgasbord of mental health information will be available to spectators and participants alike, a brand new bike will be raffled, and thanks to One Life a high profile guest speaker will join the ride and provide valuable insight into their experience with mental health issues. Dep ression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues have a significant impact on many families and individuals within the Shire of Moora and surrounding districts, and often go undiagnosed and therefore untreated.

Depression is more than just a low mood it’s a serious illness and one of the most common of all mental health problems affecting more than one million men and women, and more than 100,000 young people across Australia. One in five females and one in eight males will experience depression at some stage of their lives.

With statistics like this chances are we all know someone who has been affected by mental illness.

The good news is that mental illness is treatable and preventable, and through partnering with One Life and Wheatbelt Primary Health Service the Watheroo Gravel Grinder aims to shout this message loud and clear across the wider Shire of Moora community.

With a range of activities, a good old fashioned ‘off the beaten track’ gravel grinder bike ride, plenty of laughs along the way, stacks of creativity competitions and bike art sculptures, a country style spit roast, some well-earned post event entertainment to follow at the Watheroo Station Tavern, and all for a worthy cause relevant to all of us in the Western Wheatbelt, this is one event not to be missed.

So save the date, grease the chain, pump the tyres and start pedaling in preparation for the Watheroo Gravel Grinder.

For more information or to find out how you can be involved contact the Shire of Moora on 96510000 or ‘like’ the Watheroo Gravel Grinder Facebook page.
or Register Now 


Sue’s new Jonesman Track Bike

Once again it’s always a highlight of the day when a customer comes in to the shop and views their brand new custom machine for the first time. Sue’s grin was no exception.
Jonesy has been at it again handcrafting this Jonesman Track Bike using Columbus Zona tubing, a Prolite carbon track fork, Thomson finishing kit, Miche Primato crankset and Zipp tubs to finish. The Remington Red paint job from the equally talented Rod Gilchrist set it apart from the norm and looks superb when matched to the polished finishing kit.


Pivot Bikes, Demos and a snazzy new Cannondale Evo w/ DA9000 Di2

Howdy folks it’s a busy time of year and we are getting all sorts of presents in the mail. We have taken the plunge, with the help of JetBlack, and invested in a Pivot 5.7 Carbon DEMO bike for your riding pleasure along with a Pivot 429 Alloy DEMO bike. Again this bike is for you to go out and enjoy, also to help in making an educated decision on your next mountain bike purchase. Obligation free take it for a weekend and hit the trails.

We have also taken stock of some new Pivot 429 Carbon frames that we will be building up shortly along with the Pivot Les xc race machine.

And last but certainly not least we just had the 2013 Cannondale Evo with DA Di2 9000 along with ENVE SES rims hand built onto White Industries Hubs with DT spokes. Awesome doesn’t even begin to do it justice!