Full Service $250

The Cycles Bespoke Full Service really is the Mac Daddy of pro servicing. The Full Service is intended to not only correct any current mechanical issues, but includes a good dose of preventative care to stop any future problems developing. If you run only one top-level lightweight, this service should really be done once a year.

The first step of the process is a thorough inspection of the entire bike, from bar tape to bottom bracket. This allows us to identify any problems and build up an accurate costing before a single bolt is turned, we can then contact the rider and discuss all the options. At this point, the bike is stripped down to its component parts and the real work begins!

First up is the frame and fork. All the frame adjusters and bidon mounts are removed and the threads inspected and re-tapped, bolts and adjuster threads are greased and re-fitted. Fork and bottom bracket are removed and inspected, bottom bracket shell is faced and threads chased to guarantee correct alignment. Head tube is faced and bearing seats re-cut. Derailleur hanger is checked for alignment. Frame and fork are thoroughly washed.

All components are thoroughly degreased and re-lubricated. Jockey wheels are stripped down, cleaned and re-lubricated. Chain ring bolts are removed and threads greased. Pedals removed and threads cleaned and re-greased. Brake pivots are checked for play. Lubricated and adjusted when necessary. Handlebar stem bolts removed, greased and re-torqued. Replaced with stainless hardware if deemed necessary. All brake and gear cables and housings removed and inspected. Mounting threads greased and components re-fitted.

Wheelset is thoroughly washed and inspected. Particular attention is paid to micro cracking around spoke holes, and friction wear on brake track. Tyres checked for cuts and tread depth, spokes checked for tension and trueness. Free hub body removed, cleaned and re-greased. Hub bearings checked and serviced if needed.

Wheel-set is back in and we have something resembling a bike again. Cables are lubricated and re-fitted, replaced where needed. Gears are adjusted and limit screws set. Braked are adjusted and rim clearance set. Final wipe down and polish. The bike is road-tested. Any final adjustments are made and your bike is ready to rock!

*hub service intervals vary greatly depending on use and type. Hub servicing is not always needed and may incur an extra charge. This will be discussed when needed.

Standard Service $150

Cycles Bespoke Standard Service is probably more thorough than the Elite service offered in other most workshops. We feel our Standard Service is the minimum service any quality rig should expect at least once, but more likely twice a year.

  • An initial inspection is carried out and an accurate costing assessment is provided to the customer.
  • Chain, cassette and crank-set are removed and degreased. Bottom brackets removed, cleaned and refitted with fresh anti-seize compound. Derailleur hanger checked and re-aligned.
  • Bike and wheel-set thoroughly washed and inspected.
  • Degreased components are fitted and lubricated. Inspect and lube cable and housings. Brakes and gears set-up. Wheels checked for trueness and hub bearing adjustment.
  • Check for correct torque on all mounting hardware check headset bearing adjustment and road test.

Check-over $75

  • We would recommend a Cycles Bespoke check-over as insurance prior to a big event, or peace of mind on a recent purchase, our check-over still involves very close inspection so potential problems will be picked up and solved before they become expensive.
  • Full inspection carried out by checking for frame cracks, worn bearing assemblies and damaged cables. Wheel-set and tyres inspected, spoke tension and trueness checked.
  • Adjust brakes and gears, lubricate drive-train.
  • Ensure all fittings are torqued to correct specification and all accessories fitted correctly and rattle-proofed. Bike is road tested any further issues noted, and explained to rider.

Minimum Workshop labour charge $10

Head-set overhaul $40

Includes removal of fork and inspection for cracking around stem clamp and crown race. Flush and regrease bearings. Reassemble with correct assembly compound. Regrease and torque all stem bolts readjust front brake after removal.

Bottom bracket overhaul $50

Remove and chemical degrease of chain-set, remove clean and inspect bearing assembly. Clean and inspect frame interior and fit water drain if necessary. Refit bottom bracket with anti-seize compound, fit chain-set and ensure correct front derailleur set up.

Premature wear on these 2 vital components can be caused by loose frame tolerances on some production bikes. Absolutely parallel thread bores combined with flat mating surfaces are a must for modern cycle components. If required we will recommend recutting of all mating surfaces to ensure years of trouble-free running. This service will incur a $30 surcharge.

Bike De-creak

We have all been driven crazy by a persistent tick or agonising groan coming from deep within our otherwise pride and joy. Determining the source can range from a simple push on the pedals and twist on the bars to a seemingly endless series of component changes and intervals across the car park. Costing of a de-creak can only be determined at the end of the job and will be based on an hourly rate.

Bike builds

All parts supplied by customer: $200

Group-set or frame provided by customer: $100

New bike purchase: Free of Charge

All bike builds include a post-build service to ensure the bike continues to run smoothly.

Wheel building

Today lightweight race wheels are fantastic, lightweight, aerodynamic and incredibly stiff, these attributes arent always great for day in day out. At Cycles Bespoke, we specialise in building strong, reliable, comfortable riding wheels to stand up to daily abuse. With an almost unlimited selection of components, we can tailor a wheel-set to suit your needs, allowing you to leave the carbons for race day. Costing will vary depending on component selection.

Parts supplied by Cycles Bespoke: $50

Parts supplied by customer: $75

Modern race bikes are getting more and more complex. As bike makers continue to push technology to the limit, major design changes occur on a yearly basis. At Cycles Bespoke, we are constantly updating our knowledge base and our rolling requirements to ensure every bike we build gets the care and attention it needs.