Cycles Bespoke is an independent bicycle specialist that quietly and proudly goes about doing things its own way. We offer an eclectic range of new bikes and components, savant level mechanical support, and a super passionate community of like-minded riders.

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Helping you with the right equipment choice, not the obvious equipment choice

The world of bike gear is like the biggest and best Pick & Mix ever put on this earth, and we love nothing more than helping you sift through and scoop out the best bits for your dream ride.

We treat every off-the-peg and custom build bike like our own, and sometimes the hardest part is watching them pedal away without us.

From the original Steamroller and Long Haul Trucker to the current crop of expedition touring bikes the Ogre and Troll, Surly is our Number One choice in no nonsense, thoughtfully designed, and can’t knock’em down tough rigs. Commuting, touring, and playing, Surly has you covered with an excellent range of bikes, frames, and quality components.

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The company tag line pretty much says it all – Salsa, adventure by bike. Flicking through the Salsa range is guaranteed make you wonder, “Where to next?”. Their range of beautifully finished frames and brilliantly executed range of components will help make your last adventure easier, and your next adventure sooner.

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What really separates Soma Fabrication bikes from the rest is their choice in frame tubing… Tange Prestige tubing to be exact. For those who have been around long enough, you know exactly what that means – before carbon, there was aluminium, and before aluminium there was steel. And Tange Prestige was the best steel.

Soma Fabrication proves that Tange is still one of the sweetest sets of pipes to build a bike frame with. From the Monster-Cross inspired Wolverine to the next bike you never knew you needed, the Soma Pescadero, beautiful details and refined workmanship make Soma stand out from the rest.

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The name that started it all in bike-packing. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Revelate had to survive one of the toughest proving ground around – the Alaskan Iditabike Challenge (look it up, it’s crazy!). The bags and systems that Revelate has created are some of the toughest, and best thought out designs available. Revelate bags really are a better way to get stuffed.

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The modern adventurer faces a dilemma. On one hand, there is an increased desire to plunge deeper into the back of beyond. On the other, there is an ever greater reliance on electronic gadgets and communications. Sinewave Cycles helps bridge these two opposing concepts through their continuous dynamo powered USB charging solutions. Sinewave’s charging and lighting products are built tough, thoroughly tested and incredibly practical. Riding off grid has never been easier.

What can we say about Paul Components? One of our favourite brands and one of the true, original standard bearers from the early days of the MTB scene. These guys are just as serious about designing the coolest bike parts as they are about having the best time using them. Fitting a shiny new Paul Components part to your bike is a bit like taking your feet off the pedals when you ride through a puddle. It just feels good!

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From a small garage in Durango Colorado, Ron Andrews and his small dedicated team have been hand bending and welding the best bottle cages and bicycle bell-shot glasses since 1991. This exactly the kind of thing we love and admire here at Cycles Bespoke. A simple part made to such a high standard there is no need to change it. There is no 6% lighter or 4.3% more better holding every year to justify another purchase. Just a great product that stands on its own two feet year after year.


The original and still the best 100% waterproof, high frequency welded, roll top bags money can buy. A quick flick through the Ortlieb catalogue shows an almost bewildering range of bags for just about every occasion. Their bags are equally happy circumnavigating the globe, as they are getting the shopping in on the way home from work. For us at Cycles Bespoke, the Roll Top Classic front and rear panniers, and the excellent Ultimate bar bag are the cornerstones of Ortlieb’s range.

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Sea to Summit are a real Australian success story. On the back of some clever, out of the box thinking, Sea to Summit reset the bar on packable camping gear with the humble sleeping mat, going on to become a world leader in outdoor adventure equipment. Sea to Summit has embraced the recent explosion in bike packing and, through their understanding in light weight packable gear, are helping us to help bike packers travel farther and lighter.

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Give your bike a new lease on life. We’ll start by completely stripping your bike down to the bare frame, start checking every bearing from the headset to the bottom bracket. Your drivetrain, wheels and bike frame get a thorough clean and degrease. Fresh lube and grease applied to all necessary parts.  After checking your wheel tension and hubs we put your pride and joy back together with a fresh set of shift and brake cables and new bar tape if required. From there your brakes and gears are tuned and every bolt tightened. We recommend doing this to your bike once a year.

Get your trusty stead running smooth again with our standard service, this should be carried out once or twice year. The drivetrain and wheels are removed from your bike, everything is cleaned, degreased and put back together with fresh lube and grease where needed. Gears, brakes and every bolt checked.

This is where we make those gears shift effortlessly and stop those brakes from squealing while also making sure your daily driver is safe to ride. We’ll lube your chain and diagnose any issues that could become a bigger problem late down the track.

We know what can go wrong out on the Munda Biddi and it’s impossible to carry every tool required for solving every mishap, so let us check there’s no sneaky issues that are going to cause you to become unstuck. We’ll carry out a standard service but also pull out the fine tooth comb for that extra touch. Think of it as the “bikepackers looking out for fellow bikepackers” service.

We have all been driven crazy by a persistent tick or agonising groan coming from deep within our otherwise pride and joy. Determining the source can range from a simple push on the pedals and twist on the bars to a seemingly endless series of component changes and intervals across the car park. Costing of a de-creak can only be determined at the end of the job and will be based on an hourly rate.