An independent bike shop proudly supporting Perth’s passionate and eclectic cycling community

Cycles Bespoke believes cycling is more than just segments and competition – we’re all about the adventure of cycling. It can be taking the rougher path on the way home from work, a weekend away on the pea gravel backroads, or well outside your comfort zone on a Columbian mountain trail – we’ll provide the products, service and advice to keep you riding.

Our hand-picked a range of frames, components and gear from around the world and our own backyard can help with any commuting, bikepacking or group riding needs. Together with our fully equipped workshop, we can solve just about any cycling problem.

We regularly come across mechanical challenges tougher than the infamous Bayswater Bridge across the road. Whether you need help with a mystery click, a touring pannier that can’t be fitted, or a part that you are not sure even exists, Cycles Bespoke’s mechanical wizards will help.

It’s not just the shop – there’s something a little different about our range

When you step into our shop and check out some of the shiny new bikes on the floor, you are going to notice something a little unusual. Steel. A lot of steel.*

In a time where bikes are being treated like smartphones, Cycles Bespoke is going to throw a sledgehammer through the collective obsession for lighter frames and this year’s design improvements. We’re going to introduce you to the comfort of our partner brands’ steel frames, like Surly bikes, Soma Fabrications, and Salsa Cycles, their fearlessness in the face of kerbs, rough pavement and gravel, and its devotion to you, year on year, like humans’ next best friend. Our Products page offers a taster of some of the brands we love, but there are some things we can’t tell you – you’re going to have to come in and meet your next ride.

*Please note, Cycles Bespoke may contain traces of aluminium and carbon fibre composites.